• Find a projector that comes rugged enough for, non-ideal weather, outdoor use
  • Find a projector with useful input (USB data in, DVD player, plus associated controls)

Projectors Considered

Specs Comparison for all Projectors

Kinda looking at higher end projectors, but these don't have standalone media inputs. Plus they are very expensive.

Make sure all projectors can use European power

Descriptions and Details


  • Optoma DV11
    • This looks better than the Epson, and is the same price if purchased from Amazon
    • Found on,
    • Media Compatibility DVD, VCD, JPEG, Kodak Picture CD, DVD Region Code - 1 Audio Compatibility MP3, WMA, Audio CD
    • Has remote control
    • Has USB input. presumably same as the Epson
    • Will accept European power
    • Specs Comparison


Projector Price Lumens Contrast Ratio Resolution Most Relevant Inputs
Epson MovieMate 50 $699 1000 300:1 854x480 DVD Player, USB Port for Audio/Video/Picture input
Optoma DV11 $699 1600 2200:1 854x480 DVD Player, USB Port


Nice Projector, but no DVD player or other removable media source.

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